Bed Design Contest

In this competition is required to design an innovative product about the company philosophy. that could be a success in the market Bolzan´s bed design contest 2011 as part of the 20th anniversary of bolzan letti, the company has decided to create a design contest inviting everyone to participate in the celebration: 1) objective of the contest participants must design a bed that fits into the style and craft of bolzan l

Bed Design Contest
Category : Furniture and Homeware Design
Starts : Sep. 15, 2011 Deadline : Nov. 21, 2011
Cost : Free Awards : € 1.000.00


The main category for Bed Design Contest is "Furniture and Homeware Design" and there are not any sub-categories indicated. . The focus of Bed Design Contest is "bed" and some keywords are: " bed, design, innovation, furniture, home, bed room, ". Bed Design Contest is a Generic Design Competition (Idea and/or Concept and/or Product etc) competition. Design Oriented . Bed Design Contest targets students, professionals and design-enthusiasts. There are no particular restrictions while designing.

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The postal address to send physical entries to the competition or contact for regular mail is: City: treviso / Country: Italy. Phone number: 39 0434 765012.


Contacts for Bed Design Contest
Website :
Contact-Us Page :
Contact Email :



The native language of this competition is unknown or unstated. The competition has an English website. This competition orginates from Italy. The competition was first organized in 2011. This competition was organized 1 times. This is a one-time competition that does not repeat. ( Does not Repeat ).



Bed Design Contest is organized by BOLZAN LETTI S.R.L. ( Company or Business ). There are 0 sponsors total.This competition does not have any sponsors.



Age limits and restrictions (minimum / maximum age) is not given. Most probably, there are no age restrictions for this design competition. The maximum number of submissions allowed per each participation is not given. It is possible that there are no limits in number of entriesThere are not any restrictions for the number of submissions allowed per each participatnt; you can submit as many designs (infinite / unlimited) as you wish (Multiple submissions requires multiple registrations). Both individual and team submissions are allowed. The maximum team size is not clearly stated, the best-practice is 5 (five) people, but you should re-confirm it. This is an international competition, participants from all over the world can join. The following areas, territories and regions are allowed to join: international competiton. This competition is open to All. This competition does not restrict submissions based on membership, or this information is not stated.


Eligibility Conditions



The competition results are not published as a book. Competition results will be published online, but only the selected submissions and winners will be published online. There will not be a Gala Night or Award Ceremony for this competition. We do not know clearly where will the ceremonies take place or where is the location of the gala-night. There will not be a physical exhibition for winners of this competition. ( We are unclear about where will the exhibition take place or what is the location of the exhibition. ). Pictures of participants will be published. Private information of participants will be published. The result books / annuals are not distributed for free, they are sold to all. No, there is not a pr-campaign for winners.



There are 3 types of awards in this competition. There is a fixed number of awards, number of participants do not change the number of awards. The total award prizes sum to: 1000 Euros (€). The organizer could possibly realize the winning designs. Prizes/Money given only to awarded designs. Award details are as follows: 1st prize , 2nd prize, 3th prize, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A. For more information and other awards visit here.



Minimum number of required pages or files is 1, and Maximum number of possible pages or files to submit is 3. Exact maximum file size permitted to be submitted is 0 KB. Technical Drawings or Source Files should also be submitted. There is no information whether the competition requires physical submission or not. Only JPEG images are accepted. Only digital submission using both online form and E-Mail. A summary of how-to-produce / realization information for the project should be submitted. The competition call does not state that you need to submit a description of your concept, however it is best practice to submit if it is otherwise stated. Pixel sizes are not clearly stated. Resolution requirements for the digital images are not clearly stated. Paper sizes are not clearly stated. Resolution requirements for the printed images are not clearly stated.


Submission Requirements



It is not clearly stated if the jury will meet physically to perform judging or if it is an online judging process. The selection of winners is made by majority voting. There is no public voting, winners will be voted by the jury. The participants will not recieve a printed score sheet or see their scores online. The participants will not recieve printed jury notes or see them online. Submissions are not given numeric score. The participants will not recieve printed competition statisticss nor access them online. Judging criteria are as follows: Chances of success, project presentation, Innovation and originality.


Evaluation Methodology



The size of the jury is indicated as zero. Jury details are not given, it is possible that there is no jury and the judging is based on public voting. Detailed list of jury members are not indicated for this competition.


Jury Members
URL : The webpage address link (URL) of the page that lists other jury members is not given.



Organizer of the competition keeps all the rights. Participants have to participate in all Publishings and Media Campaigns. Physical submissions are kept by the organizer and are not returned (Submissions become the property of the organizer).



Total due fees and other required payments for this competition is 0 Euros (€). Bolzan Letti SRL acquires the winner%u2019s patrimonial rights and the other rights stated in law no. 633 of 1941 on outcomes, projects, designs, works and whatever is realized for the participation in the The organizers did not indicate wheather the winners have to participate in an event or not. The organizers did not state if the participating designers have to make advertisement for the competition such as sending e-mails, post-cards etc for promotive purposes. It is not clearly indicated if the winner designers need or given chance to work for the organizers or sponsors. Winners are obliged to sell their designs to the organizer for the award sum.


Winners' Obligations



The competition sends a hardcopy participation certificate for joining. The competition sends a hardcopy (printed) certificate to winners. The competition does not send a physical trophy or an award to winners. There is not a winners-logo for this competition.



A press-release to distribute to press members, bloggers, magazine editors etc was unfortunetely not provided.



Which message to carry: MADE IN ITALY: excellence quality and original design.The design brief is as follows: Which institution wants us to design: BOLZAN LETTI SRL. What kind of institution wants us to design: FURNITURE COMPANY. The ultimate aim of the competition: A NEW PRODUCT TO PUT IN THEIR COLLECTION, INNOVATIVE AND ORIGINAL. Who to design for: TARGET OF MARKET: MEDIUM/HIGHT. Regarding what to design: combining tradition and technology. Technical restrains and methodologies to follow: SIMPLE COLORS AND DESIGN. Where to look for inspiration: PORTFOLIO COMPANY..


Brief Text



Expect this section to be filled only after the competition is finalized and results anounced to the public. Results have either not been announced yet or not available in this page. Please check the competition website in case they might have already been posted there.


Results & Pages
Winners :
PR Results :



Bolzan´s bed design contest 2011 as part of the 20th anniversary of bolzan letti, the company has decided to create a design contest inviting everyone to participate in the celebration: 1) objective of the contest participants must design a bed that fits into the style and craft of bolzan letti. to learn about the company you can visit the website: 2) partecipants the competition is international and open to participants from any nation. participation is free of charge. there is no age limit.participants may be individual or by group. in the latter case a group leader should be indicated to act as representative for all members. every participant in allowed to present from 1 to 3 projects, with one registration for all. the following categories are excluded from the competition: all the members of the jury. jury members relatives. competition promoters. bolzan letti employees. those who do not belong to the previous categories but, nonetheless, directly contributed to the formulation of the competition. 3) registration registration to the competition is free of charge and will be open from 15th september 2011 until 19th november at 23:59(italy time). in order to enter the competition, the participants must send a word or excel file to with the following information: project name, name and surname (participant), address, telephone, cell phone and email. this information will be used to eventually contact the participant if necessary. this information is not obligatory but necessary for further communication. once you have sent the email and you have been registered you will receive a response email confirming your participation in the contest. the subject of the email must say: registration (project or participants name). 4) calendar registration: from 15 september to 19 november (23:59 italy time) . last day to send in projects: 21 november 2011 . publication of jury's final decision: 2 december 2011 once the competition is finished and the prizes are handed, the organizing body will analyze the possibility of fabricating a prototype of the winning design, giving everyone the opportunity of seeing their project come to life. 5) project presentation. the project must be sent in digital format to before the deadline. the email should contain: 5.1)a 3d model in 1:10 in jpeg or tiff format, with 300dpi, this image can not contain objects that are not part of the design, such as text, initials, silhouettes, decorating objects, name, logo, etc. 5.2) a plan with section views, perspective and enough measurements to understand the design and that would be sufficient to create a prototype. 5.3)an explanation of the design. the format is optional, can be: word, pdf, powerpoint, video, any universal format that wont be complicated to open. the explanation must be in english or italian. 6) information. any request for information will be addressed by email to the communication department at or though our facebook page at bolzan's bed design contest. answers will be made available to all participants on our facebook page. 7) judging criteria the judges will evaluate the next aspects of the design. possibility of success presentation of the design innovation and originality the jury's decision is unappealable and final. 8) prizes the 1st place winner of the competition will receive a prize of 1000 euro and a diploma. second and third place will receive a diploma. prizes 1st prize 1000 euro e diploma 2nd prize diploma 3rd prize diploma the best projects will be shown on the facebook page’s and on the company’s webpage. the money prize awarded to the first place winner is meant to be an acknowledgement of the merits and of the project quality and also to be the compensation for the authorization given to bolzan letti srl to exploit the outcome. 9) conditions of entry • the entrants of the competition declare and warrant that the design for this initiative respect the following: • designs are original and they are the result of the personal work of each entrant or group participating. • designs are unpublished and as a consequence they are not a forgery or reproduction of images or designs by third parties and/or resources. owing to the above mentioned, entrants recognize that the organizing body and its assignees are exempted from any responsibility for any possible contention about the originality and paternity of works. entrants show in an unambiguous way the complete acceptance of all the aspects of this regulation at the moment of registering. 10) utilization rights bolzan letti srl acquires the winner’s patrimonial rights and the other rights stated in law no. 633 of 1941 on outcomes, projects, designs, works and whatever is realized for the participation in the competition by the payment of the first prize. moreover, entrants authorize bolzan letti srl to publish their projects in catalogues, books, specialized magazines or any other mass media. nothing will be owed to entrants for the quoted publishing. bolzan letti will be obliged to state the paternity of the work. 11) outcomes and publication the contest communication department will communicate to all the entrants the results of the ccompetition on the website , and on the facebook page bolzan's bed design contest. according to the dates stated in the present document. the best projects will also be published. 12) privacy policy. the personal information received for the purposes of the competition by each entrant will be dealt with by bolzan letti srl with the sole object of managing the participation in the competition and of fulfilling the activities linked to it. data can be dealt with both in paper format and in file format. 13) applicable law and legal disputes. this competition is subject solely to the provisions of italian law. any dispute of whatever nature will fall under the competence of and will be settled by the jurisdiction of the treviso court.



We do not have an editorial review of this design competition.



The following is an excerpt from Bed Design Contest website: bolzan letti home | italiano | english settembre 2011 presentazione nuovi modelli metropolitan, metropolitan chic, sienna, sienna chic. settembre 2011 bolzan - letti di alta sartoria settembre 2011 concorso di design letti 2011 scarica il regolamento pdf italiano - spagnolo scarica il regolamento doc italiano - spagnolo gennaio 2011 presentazione nuovi modelli bee, dinghy, gaya, hello, plaza, pon pon ottobre 2010 presentazione bolzan letti presso fiera mosca luglio 2010 consegna del primo letto in giappone giugno 2010 presentazione dei prodotti bolzan letti sul portale idf design maggio 2010 presentazione nuovi modelli dubai, master e miami agosto 2009 presentazione dei prodotti bolzan letti sul salone virtuale archiexpo dicembre 2008 presentazione nuovi modelli capri, elios, fuji, gaya new, gold e paciugo bolzan letti srl - via per sacile 123/a - 31018 francenigo di gaiarine (tv) it - tel: +39 0434 765012 - fax. +39 0434 768366 - - cap. soc.: 11.000,00 - p.iva e r.i tv: 01164140939 tutti i diritti, i contenuti e le immagini sono di proprietà della bolzan srl. qualunque uso di testi e/o immagini non autorizzato, anche parziale, sarà perseguito a termini di legge.



Logo of the competition is uploaded, see below. Competition trophy is not updloaded. Competition poster is not updloaded. Website screenshot is uploaded, see below. Competition banner is not updloaded. Competition big banner is uploaded, see below.


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Bed Design Contest, focuses on Furniture and Homeware Design, and last date of submissions is: 21 / 11 / 2011. Click on a scoring criteria to learn more.



· FEES & COSTS 95.31
· RESULTS 25.00

Learn more about scoring.




This is a Straight, Single Step competition, , further timeline details for Bed Design Contest is given below. For a detailed time line check: here.


Detailed Timeline
Registrations Start : Thursday 15th of September 2011
Registrations End : Saturday 19th of November 2011
Submissions Start : Thursday 15th of September 2011
Submissions End : Monday 21st of November 2011
Jury Meeting : N/A
Results Announced : N/A
Results Publicized : Friday 2nd of December 2011
Early-Bird Entry* : N/A
Standard Entry* : N/A
Late Entry* : N/A

* End-of-period dates for paid competitions only.



This competition is free to join for all. For more details on the fees and costs, click here


Fees and Costs
Gala Night Fee : N / A
Exhibition Fee : N / A
PR Campaign Fee : N / A
Transportation Fee : N / A
Publishing Fee : N / A
Yearbook Fee : N / A

*All the fees given in this section are normally in EUROs, if you would like to convert the fees to any other currency such as USD etc, click here.













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